We draw our inspiration from artistic and scientific discoveries, philosophical integrity of all  pioneering art initiatives for promoting cultural events.

We base our trust in the transforming power of art to protect and enrich liberty that are at the heart of all art lovers..

We seek to foster creativity based on science and the arts as an essential means by which all people shape their identity.




International Art Club  Gstaad-Saanenland  

Our purpose is to promotion and preservation of cultural and artistic creation.

Producing article fields:

* Design and implementation and promotion of collection of articles on preservation of Cultural Art digitally and documentation of art-work of members of IAC Gstaad-Saanenland and their art collections.

*Onsite digital exhibitions with interactive link to all the members of the Art Club Gstaad-Saanenland and all the artists website and promotion of artist creations.

*Web connection to articles as an outsourced the implementation of connection to the international art- world implementation and integration of the existing collections and exhibition services.



Our Aims


We aim to create and promote artistic vision with art exhibitions and promoting poetic creative documentary films have the objective to foster conceptual frameworks that engage creating art movements as a vital tool for verifiable artistic discoveries.

Our goal is to connect artists to the local area and the exploration of innovations and increase our compassion for the Gstaad Valley by providing a platform for creative art exhibitions and artistically promoting our cultural values.




Art Projects:

Exhibitions of Poetic Paintings.

Fundraising Events:

Supporting Charity Gala Events in collaboration with other art projects in Switzerland.

Poetic Creative Documentary:

Film Productions in collaboration with None Profitable Organisations, Educational and Cultural Institutes.