Amanda Triossi

Amanda Triossi is acting as our Arts Consultant supporting International Art Club with public agencies, corporate clients, and community groups to place art in public in creating our new arts and cultural experiences in Switzerland.

Her passion for Art and jewels was sparked as child when she saw photographs of the Coronation of the Shah of Persia and Empress Farah Diba with her vast knowledge on curatorial and project management expertise and and ability in supporting and activating challenging work.


Finn Thiesen

Prof. Finn Thiesen studied several Asian languages in various universities in Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and India before eventually taking his magister art degree in Comparative Indo-European linguistics at the University of Copenhagen in 1976.

Prof. Finn Thiesen is one of the leading connoisseurs of Hafez and can recite the poet’s divan by heart. He has several publications on Rumi, Hafez and other Persian poets and was previously employed as Associate Professor of Persian at the University of Oslo. With the power of language as a vehicle for expression and communication. Prof.┬áThiesen has been working on a monograph ‘Rhythm and Rhyme in Divan-e Hafez’.

Finn Thiesen on Wikipedia

Alexandra Zernova. Sasha

Ms Alexandra Zernova was born in Lvov (Ukraine, the USSR). Educated at school and the University in Byelorussia. Then moved back to Ukraine, she is an Associate Fellow of the Society for Advanced Legal Studies. Interests: reading, art, classical music, opera, travelling and languages.

Patrick Kearley, Former Pilot from the organising committee of the Chateau-d’Oex the International Ballon Festival in Switzerland for 25 years.

Mr Kearley, who spent 15 years on the Swiss hot air ballooning team and competed in the European Championships in England.

Maryam Owji Linder

Maryam’s creative art projects to pursuits the priorities in inculcating a global consciousness and an international perspective With a life so far filled with a multitude of experiences and scenarios thriving in diverse cultures socially, with a strong presence, a humble outlook, able to captivate one’s mind cherishing learning professionally.

With passion is in creating an artistic base that reinforces our communities in intellectual learning celebrating the significant achievements in recognising the importance of science and arts that reflects and influences our social and cultural development of our society making changes to improve our understand of our world.

As a poetic documentary director, Maryam has attended Documentary Filmmakers Group and the French Institute in London, with experience working with Abbas Kiarostami in producing and exploring in the creative practice to fosters a lively exchange of ideas she has made her mark in film projects internationally.

Sue MacMillan